• Tenants must not interfere with the reasonable peace, comfort and privacy of other tenants
  • Tenants must keep noise to a minimum in consideration of other tenants, including keeping TV’s / Music at an acceptable level so as not to disturb other Tenants and neighbours. Keep all noise down after 10pm and before 6am
  • Tenants are responsible for the smoke alarms in their rooms. You may not tamper with, touch or remove batteries or any other part of the smoke alarm. Call Brisbane Students if you require assistance with a smoke alarm. If your neglect results in Fire services attending the property due to a false alarm, you will be responsible for paying the bill. If your neglect results in additional costs to the Owner, you will be responsible for paying the bill.
  • Agents, Landlords and cleaners have the right to enter common areas at any time without providing notice
  • Agents, Landlords and cleaners are NOT responsible for personal belongings left in common areas
  • Tenants must maintain a reasonable standard of dress in consideration of other tenants
  • Sheets must be used on beds at all times – DO NOT sleep directly on the mattress
  • Tenants must not move any furniture in the bedrooms or common areas unless approved by Brisbane Students
  • Tenants must not use portable air-conditioners or heaters without prior written consent from the Owner via Brisbane Students. If this has been breached, the Tenant will be required to pay for excess electricity.
  • Candles, oil burners and mosquito coils etc. are prohibited from the house at all times
  • Tenants are not permitted to affix any items to walls or doors without approval from Brisbane Students
  • Alcohol may be consumed in moderation, on site, by those over the age of 18 years – Drunk/Disorderly behaviour is unacceptable and may result in a breach
  • Illegal substances will not be tolerated and offenders will be reported to the police
  • All Tenants must ensure all lights and fans are turned off when not in use or if you are not home
  • Tenants must not do anything that might block any plumbing or drains on the premises
  • Parties are not permitted under any circumstance

Visitors and Guest Responsibilities

  • Short stay visitors are welcome, however, this property is not a private home and overnight guests are not permitted – Visitors must be off the premises by 10pm
  • Tenants must ensure their guests are aware of the House Rules for the Premises and they do not interfere with the reasonable peace, comfort or privacy of other tenants
  • Visitors are prohibited from entering the rooms of tenants other than their host and tenants are responsible for the conduct of their visitors including payment for any damage or breakage that may occur

Paying Rent

  • Rent must be received by Brisbane Students in advance of the due date at all times
  • Rent must be paid via the allocated methods in your Lease Agreement
  • If you go away for a period of your agreement you are still responsible for your full weekly rental amount

General Cleaning

  • Tenants are responsible for cleaning their rooms and keeping the common areas tidy. No personal belongings are to be left in the common areas
  • All kitchen appliances, work surfaces and benches are to be cleaned after use
  • Do not leave food or scraps in your bedrooms; this encourages cockroaches, rats and maggots
  • Bathrooms must be left free of excess water on the floor or vanity areas
  • Rubbish is not to be left in common areas
  • Inside bins are to be emptied daily into the large bins outside
  • Large bins must be taken to the roadside weekly and brought back in on the same day they are emptied
  • Washing must not be placed over the balcony or furniture, please use appropriate drying equipment
  • If the Agent believes the Tenant has been smoking inside the property, they will be requested to steam clean curtains and other applicable furniture

Keys / Lost & Lock Outs

  • Tenants are not permitted to tamper with or change any locks in the property or make any copies of keys without written permission from Brisbane Students
  • If you lose your key you will be charged $35 per key to be replaced, if we do not have a spare key and require a Locksmith, you will be charged the Locksmiths’ fee
  • If you lock yourself out during business hours, we will require a $50 holding deposit to issue you with a spare key. The holding deposit will be refunded upon the return of the key. Should you require a staff member to attend the property during business hours to assist you, this incurs a $50 attendance fee (with a staff member attending
    only if and when they are able to).
  • If you lock yourself out after hours (including weekends and public holidays), a $150 fee is to be paid at the time of opening your door (with a staff member attending only if and when they are able to). If a staff member is unable to attend the property you will be charged the Locksmiths’ fee.


All maintenance is to be reported to Brisbane Students as soon as noticed, via email or the Maintenance Request Form available from our website. Note, it is the tenant’s responsibility to report any maintenance issues. Failure to do so may result in the tenant being liable. In the case that emergency maintenance arises such as a burst water service, serious roof leak, electrical fault or gas leak please follow the procedures below:

1. Contact the Office FIRST – 07 3844 9890
2. Contact your Property Manager’s Emergency Mobile – 0400 422 570 after business hours.
3. If you cannot get anyone on either of the numbers above, you can contact the following maintenance people:

a. Plumbing DNR Plumbing – David Rizk 0411 333 739

b. Electrical Southern Suburbs Electrical – Warwick 0412 159 510

If for some reason you cannot reach Brisbane Students or the above preferred repairers, you can call someone from the Yellow Pages but you will have to pay for the work at the time of repair. You will be reimbursed on presentation of the invoice if the problem that was repaired was not your fault.

Note, if you arrange repairs after hours that are not an emergency you will be responsible for the bill.

NOTE: Electrical emergencies can include an electrical fault/loss of power. It is important when losing power, to make sure that one of your appliances has not caused a problem or check there is not a blackout in your area.

Extra Charges

  • Electricity, Water & Gas are included in your weekly rental amount, however please note that existing service costs are monitored carefully. Any and all excesses to the normal charges will be investigated thoroughly and if appropriate, will be invoiced to the tenants.
  • If there is any excess charged with internet download this charge will be passed onto you as the Tenants
  • If the property has a cleaner and extra time is required due to excessive mess this will be charged to the Tenants
  • If your room or common area requires cleaning, a minimum fee of $100 will be claimed from your bond
  • If your carpet is not professionally cleaned, a minimum fee of $80 will be claimed from your bond


Any breach of the House Rules or special conditions in your lease agreement, will result in you receiving a Form R11 (Notice to Remedy Breach). Should you not co-operate with this notice or continue with a breach, you will be issued with a Form R12 (Notice to Leave) and you will be evicted from the property.

Behaviour resulting in immediate eviction (including guest behaviour)

  • Banned or illegal substances found on premises
  • Endangering another person
  • Malicious damage to any property
  • Verbal, physical, sexual abuse, harassment or any form of discrimination to any Resident, Staff, Landlord, Cleaner, Contractor or Agent

Leaving before your lease has expired/break lease

  • You are bound by your signed Lease Agreement and are responsible for paying rent up to your lease end date unless a suitable Tenant is found to take over your lease
  • You must fill out a ‘Resident leaving form’ and return to Brisbane Students office a minimum of 7 days prior to your lease end date. If your Resident Leaving Form is not returned 7 days prior, you will continue to pay rent for 7 days after we receive it.
  • Brisbane Students and the Resident will advertise to find a suitable tenant to take over the outstanding term of your lease – any additional advertising that you request us to do that incurs a fee will be charged to you
  • You will be charged a break lease fee (one week’s rent + 10% GST) payable once a suitable Tenant is found
  • If a suitable Tenant is not found you will have to pay out the rest of the Lease Agreement

Vacating at the end of your lease

You must fill out a ‘Resident leaving form’ and return to Brisbane Students office a minimum of 7 days prior to your lease end date – verbal notice will not be accepted. If your Resident Leaving Form is not returned 7 days prior, you will continue to pay rent for 7 days after we receive it.

When leaving the following items must be attended to:

  1. Return all keys to Brisbane Students Office and remove all personal items from your room and common areas
  2. Leave room clean and tidy and remove all rubbish from room
  3. Remove personal food items from cupboards and fridge
  4. All furniture and fixtures must be accounted for

Several weeks prior to the end of lease agreement, all documents and information will be sent to you

If you have carpet in your bedroom you will be required to have it professionally cleaned upon vacating and provide the receipt to Brisbane Students


  • For fire safety of all tenants, all properties have been fitted with smoke alarms which are required by law and are serviced and tested regularly by a professional.
  • Touching, removing or tampering with any smoke alarms, smoke alarm batteries or any other fire safety equipment installed within a Budget Accommodation Building is a major breach to fire safety regulations and heavy fines apply. If you have any concerns regarding any of this equipment, including smoke alarm batteries, you are to call Brisbane Students immediately – do not remove any part of the fire safety equipment, even batteries.
  • Smoking, candles, oil burners, bar/oil heaters etc are prohibited at all times. Tenants may smoke outside ONLY – SMOKING IS PROHIBITED in the building at all times. This includes your room and the internal common areas. This rule exists for the comfort and safety of all tenants.

In the event that the alarm has sounded due to cooking you must follow these steps:

1. You must remove the cause of smoke and turn off any appliances immediately
2. Fan the smoke form cooking appliances away from the alarm until it stops sounding if it is safe to do so
3. Open all doors and windows until smoke or haze has dissipated
4. If there is a fire, alert the other tenants, evacuate the property to the footpath across the road and call the fire department on 000 to attend the property
5. Do NOT re-enter the property until you are advised it is safe to do so.

In the event that the alarm has sounded to unknown reasons you must follow these steps:

1. Alert other Tenants immediately
2. Attempt to locate any signs of smoke or flames
3. If you can see smoke or flames, attempt to extinguish the fire with the extinguisher and close all windows and doors only if it is safe to do so to contain the fire. If it is an electrical fire DO NOT attempt to extinguish the fire and go straight to Step 4.
4. All Tenants must evacuate the property immediately to the footpath across the road and call the Fire Department on 000 to attend the property
5. Do NOT re-enter the property until the Fire Department says it is safe to do so


If the Fire Department are called, you must call the Brisbane Students emergency mobile on 0400 422 570 to let them know the Fire Department attended the property.
If the Fire Department attends to the property more than once within 60 days due to a false alarm from tenant behaviour, you may incur a fine up to $2000.


  • If you would like to have a gathering on the premises with non-tenants in attendance, you must first seek approval in writing from Brisbane Students – failure to do so will result in a breach notice for all tenants. Each request will be considered individually and in consultation with the Owners of the property.
  • Be aware conversations on outside decks and verandas can be loud at night and the sound carries to neighbouring houses – we have received several noise complaints in the past relating to this
  • Ensure you keep noise to a minimum when arriving and leaving the property at night or early morning (including your guests) eg: doors slamming, loud conversations and yelling out to others)
  • No music is to be played in the house after 10pm



I have read and understood the House Rules as stated above prior to signing the attached Rooming Accommodation Agreement. I agree to abide by all above mentioned special terms and conditions and understand a breach of any of these will result in the issuing of a Form 11 – “Notice to Remedy Breach”. I also understand that should I not rectify this Notice to Remedy I will be issued a Form 12 – “Notice to Leave”, which will result in termination of my lease.